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California Probate AttorneyCalifornia Probate Attorney

Heritage Law, LLP offers dependable and cost-effective counsel for trustees executors, administrators, guardians, conservators, and beneficiaries. We represent both local clients and clients from other states with California probate responsibilities.

When California residents fail to implement proper estate planning and die either with no planning or with just a Will, their assets must pass through the probate process.  Probate, in California, is a court procedure established for the orderly administration of a decedent’s estate.  Probate can be time consuming, expensive, and fraught with pitfalls. If a California resident passes away will no estate plan in place at all, the probate court will determine how to distribute the estate assets in accordance with the laws of California regarding intestacy.

The named executor, when there is a Will, or the personal administrator when there is no Will, has many responsibilities during this process, which can be longer and more complicated than most would imagine. Additionally, family members may step forward to contest the Will in front of the probate court if they believe they were wrongfully disinherited or had other issues with the Will.

Heritage Law, LLP provides the knowledge and experience to make the probate process, including conservatorship and guardianship proceedings, as efficient as possible for family members, potential heirs, and executors of wills.

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“We were referred to the Heritage Law, LLP by a very well respected business associate. After using the services of two other law firms, who basically told us we had no case, we found that the third time is a charm, as they say. The hard work and dedication Ms. Schachter devoted to our case resulted in our litigation ending favorably. They are dedicated to their clients 100%. We admire and respect the integrity of their law firm and have been extremely satisfied with their professionalism. We are clients for life!”

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“I could not possibly give a higher recommendation to any attorney. My divorce and custody issues have been long and complex. Shannon provided me with ethical counsel and handled every decision with thoroughness and precision. There is no better feeling than knowing you are well-represented. I so appreciate the security of proper representation that seeks solutions rather than antagonism.”