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Construction Law Attorney Aliso Viejo CAConstruction Law Attorney Aliso Viejo CA

The attorneys of Heritage Law, LLP offer practical advice and solutions on the full range of construction law problems that property owners or contractors can encounter.

Heritage Law, LLP’s construction law clients include builders, contractors, suppliers, commercial developers and homeowners. We adapt our services to meet the differing needs of seasoned construction professionals, new entrants in the construction trades, and property owners with questions or problems relating to a particular one-time project.
Examples of the kinds of problems we can help resolve include:

  • Contract negotiation, documentation and review
  • Contract bidding on public projects
  • Insurance, performance bond and surety issues
  • Zoning and land use issues related to project entitlement, site permits, building permits or use permits
  • Mechanic’s liens and payment issues

We also advise and represent construction law clients on either side of contract disputes or defect and warranty claims. Given the problems that have characterized the local real estate markets since 2007, we also represent owners and contractors who need to renegotiate or enforce contracts on projects that have run into financial difficulties while time is running out on an entitlement or permit.

California construction contracts generally have mandatory arbitration terms, and our law firm’s experience with alternative dispute resolution can help you achieve your objectives while saving you time and money. We also take advantage of opportunities to avoid litigation uncertainty through negotiated settlements or facilitated mediation.

To learn more about the scope of our construction law practice, contact a knowledgeable lawyer at Heritage Law, LLP in the Orange County area.

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