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Real Estate Transactions Attorney Aliso Viejo, CAReal Estate Transactions Attorney Aliso Viejo, CA

At Heritage Law, LLP, our attorneys help residential and commercial real estate clients understand the details of purchase, sale and lease transactions. We also identify the potential problems that a particular project might pose, and present our clients with a range of practical approaches for avoiding them. Our lawyers can also resolve the snags that buyers and sellers sometimes encounter prior to closing, or even after the transaction is complete.

The advice of an experienced real estate attorney can save you time, money and stress in transactions ranging from residential sale-by-owner deals to commercial leases.

The expense and complexity of many real estate transactions suggest that an attorney’s advice should be a basic step for any party involved in such transactions. Our lawyers can protect you from financial risk and potential liability by informing you what the law says about your own obligations as well as the other party’s responsibilities.

Our lawyers negotiate sale or lease terms, review and prepare documentation, and correct errors and oversights in real estate transactions of all kinds both before and after closing. Many of our business clients are real estate professionals, and our thorough familiarity with both the law and the practical considerations relating to a transaction can help you avoid or resolve problems.

Clients of Heritage Law, LLP depend on us for advice and representation on such matters as the following:

  • Purchase and sale terms or purchase agreements, review and counseling regarding mortgage financing, property inspections or title issues that can arise before or after closing
  • Questions regarding condominium or homeowners’ association covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs)
  • Questions or problems as to the seller’s disclosure responsibilities
  • Problems concerning lot lines, easements, or boundaries
  • Questions as to conforming uses or zoning variance conditions
  • Review or preparation of loan documents, including seller carryback transactions
  • Sales of real property owned by trusts or estates
  • Real estate litigation and alternative dispute resolution
  • Lease review and negotiation

We represent local and out-of-state clients on either side of real estate transactions ranging from residential sales to commercial development and lease projects. To learn more about the scope of Heritage Law LLP’s real estate practice, contact us in the Orange County area.

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Erik E. Woodbury

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