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From fast-moving injunction proceedings to complex trust, employment, commercial, business, real estate, and other civil disputes, clients bring their litigation matters to Heritage Law, LLP.

We represent clients throughout the State of California, in both State and Federal Courts, and have experience in courts around the country. Our lawyers have a reputation for trying and winning cases; a reputation that serves us and our clients well, and allows us to provide more and better options for our clients. We are trusted advisors to our clients in matters ranging from pre-litigation strategies to the decision of when and how to take a case through trial.

At Heritage Law, LLP, we offer the combination of legal insight, courtroom experience, industry knowledge, and practical business sense needed to help our clients prevail in the cases that are most critical to their businesses and families; and we do it all with the purposeful and honest representation that sets us apart from our competitors. We listen to our clients, and we know what to do to get them to where they want and need to be.

Heritage Law, LLP’s litigators write, lecture, and teach trial and legal practice skills, and have received recognition by prestigious publications and bar organizations.

Trial Experience

We can handle even the most complicated, high-stakes cases, and we recognize that, for each of our clients, the case they are in right now most often is the most important case of their lives. We try them and win them, and, where appropriate, we resolve them – using creative methods to achieve the most favorable results for our clients. Our clients have confidence in our ability to understand the issues thoroughly, position cases for maximum trial advantage, clearly communicate complex concepts to the judges and juries, and persuasively present the facts and argue the law. We leave nothing to chance.

Our litigation teams conduct detailed research and analysis and, most important, we involve our clients in every stage of the process; making sure their needs and interests are being met at every stage.


Some cases demand special skills and subject matter knowledge; and Heritage Law’s litigation experience is vast. We have lawyers who concentrate their practices in substantive areas, including trusts and estates; business and commercial disputes; employment; real estate; premises and product liability; and unfair competition.

Litigation Attorneys

Erik E. Woodbury

Erik E. Woodbury

Managing Partner