Why Securing General Counsel is Right for Your Business

Why Securing General Counsel is Right for Your Business

business tips, business strategy, business help, general counsel lawTrapeze artists fly through the air with ease, mostly because they’ve made the same maneuvers thousands of times. But they also know that safety nets are always in place. Wouldn’t you want the same protection for your business? Hiring a general counsel for your business is like securing an invisible safety net that can protect your company from a serious fall. These safety nets provide security, reassurance, and the ability to take risks. Here are three reasons your business needs a general counsel and the traits you should look for in an attorney.

Knowing Your Business

You likely don’t go to a different doctor every time you need a checkup because you already have an established relationship with one professional who knows your history; the same mentality should be used when searching for legal advice. General counsel can provide you with tailored guidance on specific and continuing business objectives for most or all of your company’s legal needs.  With an established attorney, you won’t need to describe your business, its history, goals and challenges every time you face a new problem or opportunity within your business.

Knowing the Law

When a potential legal situation arises with your business, turning to an attorney with a focus in one specific area may not provide you with the solutions your business needs. Retaining general counsel gives you access to an attorney who has expertise in multiple fields, like business law, real estate law, employment law and other vital legal areas. Securing general counsel is also crucial when creating a company because they set a legally sound foundation that can prevent potential lawsuits from arising later. Many business owners fall into the trap of using do-it-yourself business registration kits to start a corporation or form an LLC. However, these shortcuts can’t replace the advice of a knowledgeable attorney who will guide you through the process.

Knowing What to Do

Chances are, your business doesn’t thrive when you aren’t around. Imagine spending days and weeks in court or trying to research an attorney when an urgent legal situation presents itself. By already possessing general counsel, easy mistakes can be corrected by your legal representative before they snowball into serious legal matters. Hire a general counsel with reliable and responsive representation that can answer your most basic and complex questions quickly.

At Heritage Law, LLP our familiarity with the circumstances and needs of our longstanding business clients helps streamline the delivery of effective legal counsel. Our general counsel clients receive sound advice about the achievement of particular goals without having to consider and reject legally sound but impractical alternatives that just don’t fit the client’s situation.

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