Family Law: Finding The Right Attorney

Family Law: Finding The Right Attorney

At Heritage Law, LLP, an Orange County law firm, we understand how emotionally draining family law situations may be for our clients.

From divorce settlements to child custody disputes, finding the right legal team for the job is an important first step when mapping out your strategy in the event you may find yourself in the middle of a dispute.Family Law: Finding The Right Attorney

Here are the top tips to remember when searching for the right family law expert.

Understand Needs From The Beginning

When it comes to divorce, no two situations are ever the same. You will want to find a family law attorney that is responsive to your needs and understands what you are looking to accomplish. If you feel a split from your spouse may prove difficult, it is important to have the right lawyer with the correct experience to guide you through the legal proceedings in court. When it comes to fighting for spousal support, child custody, or child support, a family law attorney will have the most experience in these cases.

Do Your Research

Many law firms offer a variety of services. A mediation attorney may work on litigation cases, or they may not. If you know the legal avenue that you want to take, find a law firm that best represents your position. If you are unsure of the best route, make sure that you consult a law firm that will explore a variety of options on your behalf.   If you are uncomfortable with the approach, you do not have to accept it just because it is the specialty of the lawyer you have selected.

Know and Understand Your Budget

Before selecting a law firm that is right for you, it is important to understand what your budget may be. Attorney rates fluctuate depending on a variety of factors, so be sure both you and your lawyer are financially compatible. You will need to understand which services you will be billed for, at what rate the services cost, and how incremental the billing takes place.

Be Sure to Ask the Right Questions

You can never be too informed when choosing an attorney. It is imperative to ask as many questions as possible. Be sure to fully understand important aspects of your lawyer’s experience, such as how long they have been practicing, what niche or specialty areas do they practice, and the types of clients they have represented or cases they have pursued in the past.

At Heritage Law, LLP, we offer a family law practice that provides a high level of professionalism and exceptional service to our clients.

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