Top Five Questions to Ask Your Trust and Estate Planning Attorney

Top Five Questions to Ask Your Trust and Estate Planning Attorney

One of the main benefits of hiring the right estate-planning attorney is the benefit of not having to make some of the tough decisions on your own that accompany the estate process.

Unfortunately, if you make the wrong decision when hiring a legal representative, you could be stuck with much more than making tough decisions, such as extensive legal bills.Top Five Questions to Ask Your Trust and Estate Planning Attorney

Here are the top five questions to consider during your search for a legal representative.

What is the law firm’s legal experience?

It is vital to have an experienced legal team with a long list of successful cases when it comes to choosing the right legal estate counsel for your situation.

Estate planning may prove difficult when it comes to sensitive and emotionally tied decisions, therefore, having the right team behind you will alleviate many unwanted circumstances when it comes to planning for your family and loved ones’ futures.

Does the firm offer a formal updating and maintenance program?

Some estate planning attorneys will offer a semi-annual or annual review. This is important because there may be changes to laws and taxes, as well as to your life.

In regards to the latter, adjustments to your estate might be necessary.

Be sure to find the right legal team that will take the time to answer your questions and guide you along the right path.

Is There Help Available When I Need It?

More often than not, questions and concerns will arise outside of normal business hours when it comes to the complexities of planning your future.

If you believe you will need additional help, be sure your legal team offers a reassurance when you need it the most. Be upfront with your legal counsel about what you will need.

How Can We Avoid the Probate Process?

 Probate cases become lengthy and expensive. The right legal team always has your best intentions in mind.

Be sure to ask your legal counsel what their strategy is from the very beginning when it comes to probate matters.

Do You Offer Documentation For Review?

Experienced legal professionals will be sure to keep their clients informed at all times.

Be sure you are in the know about every step in the estate planning process. Having the right documents will help to keep you organized.

At Heritage Law, LLP, our lawyers advise individuals, business owners and families about the best ways to plan for their future security through wills, trusts, gifts and other estate planning tools. Our services range from basic estate plan packages to advanced trust instruments suitable for complex tax liability problems or business management succession.

Contact our experienced legal team for the very best legal counsel when it comes to the estate planning process.